Businesses generate huge amounts of data every day. Without data science and the amazing work of data scientists, this vast amount of data will be useless. Data Scientists are responsible for analyzing large amounts of data and creating algorithms. Data scientists use a variety of methods to process the diverse data and create data-driven insights. These include Machine language, Probability, Statistics, Programming, Probability and Statistics to determine the indicators that are useful for decision-makers.
There is a great demand for Data Scientists, but there are fewer Data Scientists available. The demand for Data Scientists is growing globally, and the field is booming. Data scientists are often associated with tech sectors, but they are needed in nearly every sector. Retail, Finance and Manufacturing are just a few of the data-dependent industries.
Contrary to popular belief, you can learn data science even without a degree. Online certification courses are available for interested candidates. You can take certification courses if you are interested in becoming a data scientist, but don’t have any experience in this field. These courses will not only strengthen your knowledge but also help you develop your analytical skills.
Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning all fall under the same domain and are connected. Artificial Intelligence envisions next-generation wireless networks that combine advanced data analytics with machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is improving the data analytics industry with completely new capabilities for analysing and interpreting data.
Our courses will give you the tools and frameworks to transform data into insights using AI-powered technologies. Your data analytics career will be more successful if you can apply machine learning algorithms to data structures. This certification course teaches you how to use machine learning and deep learning techniques to provide business insights from big data. You will also receive a certificate credential to confirm your knowledge in Analytics in Data Science.
Below are the top Data Science courses and certifications to help you start your career as Data Scientist. Our Data Analysis Job Program is a popular program that will help you prepare for a Data Science Job.
ITIL4 Foundation certification course covers the concepts, best practices, and methodologies of IT service management. It provides a complete picture of the IT service management process, integrating frameworks such as Agile, Lean IT, and DevOps.
MTA Database Fundamentals is a foundation-level certification course that covers various concepts such as DBMS, data types and understanding of data storage. It also covers how to administer a database. It serves as a stepping stone to higher-level, role-based certifications.
The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals certification course provides a foundation-level course that is designed for candidates who have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). This certification course covers the basic principles of Machine learning on Azure, as well as the guiding principles for responsible AI (AI) implementation on Microsoft Azure.
The Tableau Fundamentals certification course teaches you how to use Tableau for data analysis and visual design. This course includes working with Tableau graphs, visuals, tables, and other tools. This course teaches you a variety of skills, including custom aggregations, arithmetic calculations and date math.
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