This article will address the burning question of many: “How to write a resume for a job in Australia?”
Every job seeker should know how to write a resume. It is difficult to get a job in Australia because of the high level of competition. Recruiters are reviewing hundreds of applications every day. It all depends on how you perform during the interview. At the very least, we can show our skills by getting an interview call.
Based on surveys and my personal opinion, here are the top seven things you can do to make your resume stand out in the Australian job market.
Summary of your skills and experience: This section is the most important. It gives a concise and accurate description about the skills and experiences you have. This section is what recruiters use to decide if they are qualified for the job. This section must grab their attention. It should be as brief as possible. Only include relevant information that showcases your skills. Include any Australian experience.
Keywords: Although it may sound strange, this is essential as it can be used as a filter to select a resume. You might have skills you don’t know how to use. Find the keywords that best describe you and use them.
Targeting Job: Many people believe that one resume is not enough for all jobs. This is because while you may have many skills throughout your professional career, recruiters might only be interested in a particular skill. You should highlight your specific skill more than any other skills, depending on the company’s requirements. You will need multiple resumes that highlight your relevant achievements in relation to the job profile.
Keep it short: Even if you have years of experience in many different fields and have different skills, that does not mean you should list them all in detail. It is important to give a brief description of your skills and keep the resume concise so that they can read it thoroughly.
Make your resume more readable: This is a key aspect of a great resume. You should ensure that the font size and grammar are correct. This will help you to make a good impression. Proper spacing is essential and certain areas should be combined to ensure that the resume is continuous and evolving.
Highlight your achievements and show your worth to the person reviewing your resume. These can be listed in a separate section. You can also list any awards, certifications, and honors you have received in your previous jobs. You can also mention your expertise in your area of experience.
Let the results speak for themselves. Rather than writing the same job description for every profile, you can highlight the achievements you have made. It shows how competent you were at your job and how valuable you are to the company. Mention percentages or numbers that show your efficiency.
It is a given that you will not lie on your resume. Apart from the ones mentioned, there are many other ways to improve your resume. These would increase your chances of getting an interview.
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