What is CompTIA?
CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), is the largest provider of IT certifications in the world. CompTIA has more than 2,000,000 IT certifications and is dedicated to helping IT professionals.

CompTIA has been a leader in providing certification exams and training for computing support, networking security, open-source development, cloud, and mobility for more than 20 years. CompTIA certifications are constantly updated and reviewed to meet the changing technology needs. CompTIA PenTest+ offers a variety of exam training options to suit your learning style and schedule so you can easily prepare for exams.
What is CompTIA Pentest+ Certification and what are its benefits?
CompTIA Pentest+ certification is for cybersecurity professionals who are proficient in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and management. This certification is more focused on offensive skills. CompTIA Pentest+ certification teaches cybersecurity professionals how to plan, scope and manage weaknesses. Not just exploit them. Pentest+ certification is different from other types because it requires candidates to demonstrate their ability to test devices in completely new environments, such as mobile and cloud.

CompTIA Pentest+ conforms to ISO 17024 standards. It is approved by the US DoD for the requirement of 8140/8570.01M. Regulators as well as the government rely upon ANSI accreditation because it gives them confidence in the programs they are certify. Since January 1, 2011, more than 2.3 million CompTIA ISO/ANSI-accredited tests have been given.
What will Pentest+ teach you?
CompTIA Pentest+ exam covers the following topics across all objectives:

Planning and Scoping: Explain the importance and key aspects of compliance-based assessments.
Information gathering: Gather information in preparation for exploit, then run a vulnerability scan to analyze the results.
Attacks and Exploits: Wireless application, attack network, and other vulnerabilities are used to exploit physical security weaknesses and then perform post-exploitation techniques.
Penetration Testing Tools: Learn more about the various tools used to gather information and analyze output (limited to: Bash and Ruby, Python, Powershell).
Communication and Reporting: Use your report writing skills to communicate vulnerabilities discovered.
CompTIA Pentest + certification leads to job roles
CompTIA Pentest+ was created for Cybersecurity professionals who have three to four years of experience in information security or equivalent training and are looking to start or expand their career in pen testing. These job roles are compatible with CompTIA Pentest+:
Penetration Tester
Vulnerability Tester
Security Analyst (II).
Analyst for Vulnerability Assessment
CompTIA Pentest+ exam pass candidates will be able to demonstrate the following skills:
Successful candidates will be able to acquire the following skills after passing this certification exam:
Permission testing of plan and scope
Conduct passive reconnaissance
To gather information, perform non-technical tests
Conduct active reconnaissance
Analyze vulnerabilities
Penetrate networks
Exploit host-based vulnerabilities
Test applications
Complete post-exploit tasks
Report on the results of penetration tests
CompTIA Pentest+ exam registration procedure
Register for CompTIA Pentest+ exam by visiting the Pearson VUE website
When a user visits Pearson VUE’s website for the first time, they must create an account. Existing users only need to sign in to their account. Next, choose the exam, preferred exam centre, and time. You can now