The CISM Exam is a significant milestone in a professional’s life. It is normal to have questions and concerns about the exam. These are some frequently asked questions about the exam that might be helpful if you’re planning to take this certification test in the near future.

Date for 2019 Exam Registration: Are you looking forward to registering in 2019 CISM exam? The registration for the 2019 CISM exam has already begun in February 2019. The final deadline for registration is 18 May 2019, and the scheduling deadline is 23 May 2019. Registering yourself is easy by creating an ISACA login ID. You will need to create a profile to obtain a membership. Once you have completed this, you can proceed to an online registration process.
Cost to take the CISM test: The registration fees for members are $575 and non-members $760. Online payment can be made by credit card, cheque, or wire. Exam registration fees cannot be refunded or transferred.
Locations for the exams. ISACA administers all CISM Examinations at PSI testing sites and kiosks. This list is constantly expanding. You can view a video to learn more about the location and what you can expect on exam day.
PSI Test Center:
PSI Kiosks:
What score should you get to pass the exam?
The CISM test uses a scaled scoring system that ranges from 200 to 800. This is how candidates’ performance is compared. 450 out 800 is the passing score, which has been determined by the Certification Working Group using a process called “cut score.” CISM exam covers four domains. All domains have their own weights. Your performance in each area will determine how you are scored in each domain. Candidates who score less than 450 are considered ineligible to take the exam. Candidates who score less than 450 can request a retake at the next testing window. They can register again and pay through the automated system. ISACA provides a detailed analysis of the overall score. This allows you to identify the weak areas and make improvements.
What topics are included in each domain of CISM?
The CISM exam syllabus covers four different infosec management areas.
Domain I: Information Security Governance/applicated weight 24%
This domain is primarily concerned with the alignment of the infosec strategy with certain organizational goals and targets. It directs and controls the delegation of authority to make decisions. It also ensures that the IT governance framework complies with business objectives and applicable laws and regulations.
Domain: Information Risk Management / applied weight 30%
This domain reflects the level of risk an organization is willing and able to accept in order to achieve its goals and objectives. Candidates must be able to comprehend the policies, procedures, technology to reduce risks around unprotected data, and increase security.
Domain III: Information Security Program Development and Management/applied weighted 27. %
This domain covers the development and maintenance of an infosec plan to identify, manage and protect an organization’s assets and maintain effective security. This domain covers areas such as a chain of command and corporate culture, current functions, security status, and industry standards.
Domain: Information Security Incident Management/applied weight 19 %
Candidates must be able to identify, investigate, respond to, recover from, and recover information security incidents and breaches to be successful in this field. It covers the detection and correction of problem areas, gathering evidence or improving the overall strength for risk treatment.
When can I expect my exam result?