It’s not easy to run a successful tech company. Executives and business owners must create a growth strategy, increase their customer base, and nurture their employees. CompTIA is here to help. CompTIA is a member and can help your managed services provider, vendor, consultant, or solution provider business grow. Here’s how. It’s not easy to run a successful tech company. To be a successful tech business owner, you need to have more than just subject matter expertise. Technology executives and owners must have the vision to create a growth strategy, increase their customer base, and nurture their employees while still offering top-notch products.
It’s impossible to do it all alone. CompTIA members don’t have any obligation to do this. It is part of our mission, to help your managed services provider (MSP), vendor or consultancy business grow and succeed.
We can help you build a growth strategy
Without a retirement plan, it is difficult to get by each day. A plan is essential for any successful technology business. A growth strategy can be applied to your product or solution by thinking of ways to improve your offerings. A growth strategy can be applied to your bottom line by planning how to increase revenue through new payment models and expanding into new verticals. A growth strategy can be applied to your entire company by planning to expand and increase headcount.
These strategies are often combined because you will need support on all fronts as you grow. CompTIA can help you. CompTIA’s industry trends and analysis tools provide timely, tech-focused insight that is backed up by data and trusted thought leaders. These resources will help you plan your growth strategy.
Member Tip: You can save relevant resources to the library by signing in to A number of CompTIA resources are only available to members.
We can help you expand your customer base
Prospecting for new customers is a common problem for executives and business owners. This may be even more so as virtual sales and marketing activities make it more difficult. However, it is important to continue working to win new business. CompTIA is here for you if your business model and methods of landing new clients have changed over the past year. Your technology business will remain competitive by collaborating with the market.
Warm leads are always appreciated. CompTIA is a warm lead. Participation in our member-led communities or technology interest groups instantly introduces one to another with similar goals and interests. You can join to collaborate on technology and business-building projects, network with peers, and open doors for new partnerships.

But that’s not all. CompTIA speaks your language and can support your content marketing and lead generation prospect engagement efforts. CompTIA is there to help you. We’re actually happy to share! CompTIA industry research can also be co-branded by members and used for a variety purposes including sharing relevant information with prospects and customers, as well as generating new leads.
Our corporate members also have educational opportunities that can be offered to your prospects and partners to increase engagement on all fronts. CompTIA is more than an industry association. We are a partner in your business endeavors.
CompTIA supports you in the same way you would trust your partner to guide your new initiatives. From the highest-level thought leadership to the practical tools, templates, and templates, you can find resources to help manage your business. You are free to take advantage everything we have to offer.
Member Tip: Join multiple communities or technology interest groups based upon your interest, expertise, or if you just want to learn more. These groups are free for registered users.
We can help you nurture your employees
Building a business can be one thing. It’s one thing to build a business. It’s another to manage and upskill employees. Even the most successful tech entrepreneurs have to deal with people’s problems. To improve your business, managing employees is not enough. You must also nurture them. Your staff’s experience is enhanced by continuous training and mentoring. This will ultimately help you achieve your growth goals.
CompTIA can help you in a few different ways. Our first is our