CompTIA membership is great for the future and growth of your company, but what about your career? CompTIA membership can help you as a professional in the technology industry grow. Participating in your industry association is beneficial for your business’ future and growth. But what about your career? You can benefit personally from what is good for the greater good. CompTIA can help you personal grow your career by providing new opportunities, new initiatives, and learning new skills.
The Business of Your Technology Career Path
Although the business of technology can be exciting for many reasons, it’s the people who make this industry great. People who make this business work come from different backgrounds and have different strengths. Not all of us are technologists! This is because technology requires a variety of skills from many people to keep the industry moving forward.
“There is a lot of opportunity within the tech industry, beyond a technical position,” said Alec Stanners (vice president of sales and marketing at Tigerpaw) and co-chair of CompTIA‚Äôs Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity community. “While they may not be tech-savvy, someone can be a great marketer, a great financial analyst or great at sales. All of these positions are needed. It’s exciting to know that [CompTIA] is sharing tools and advice in order to help the next generation.” he said.
CompTIA members have many opportunities to work together on technology and business-building projects, regardless of your job title.
Advancement of your Technology Sales and Marketing Career
A good salesperson can sell anything, and that’s something you’ve likely heard. Sales executives who are successful communicate well. They can talk, but they also know when they should listen. They are also very observant, picking up on non-verbal signals. They get to know their audience and build relationships with them even after they have closed the sale. Marketing professionals also help to increase sales by understanding the market, creating messaging, and reaching potential customers where they are with the right information.
These skills require practice, not to mention the fact that you must be able to understand the solutions and services you sell. It is crucial to be able to explain how a particular feature of a solution will benefit the customer’s business. CompTIA has many opportunities to help you increase your sales and marketing skills and stay ahead in the industry.
First, CompTIA offers a wide range of resources for anyone in the industry. These include sales tips and strategies and step-by-step guidance about tactics that will help expand your audience. For example, how to host a successful virtual conference. As a member, you have access to even more. Our Quick Start Guide to Sales Tech Teams and Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Sales Strategy are just two examples of member-only content that will help you boost your sales and marketing.
The benefits of membership go beyond that. CompTIA members often have special access to meet with experts at CompTIA events who can offer tailored advice on your sales and marketing strategies. Perhaps the greatest resource is the access to people and the networking opportunities offered by CompTIA. By joining CompTIA communities and technology interest groups (TIGs), your industry peers will help you learn new things, improve your skills, and even form partnerships.
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Advancement of your Customer Service Career
Is the customer always right? Customer service is important. It should be able to listen to the client and guide them towards the right solutions. Customer service professionals who are great at helping clients feel like they are their number one priority have a knack for making them feel valued. This line of work requires that people are able to understand the basics of technology but they don’t need to be experts. They are able to provide calm and patience in a difficult time for their charges.
It is also important to stay informed about what’s happening in the industry. CompTIA Connect YouTube channel has a wealth of engaging content. CompTIA success stories and use cases are also available. This allows you to see what other people are doing and how it’s working. You can also access our entire library of industry insight and research as a member.