Let’s talk about Microsoft Exam 70-689: Upgrading your Skills to M: Windows 8.
Exam 70-689 allows Microsoft Certified Professionals to upgrade or “bridge” to the next level.
MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7
MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician for Windows 7
MCSA: Windows 7

To earn the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), in Windows 8, you must pass one exam.
Exam Metadata
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Start trainingThe 70-689 exam is different than traditional Microsoft IT Pro exams because the 689 exam is a composite of the following exams:
Exam 70-687: Configuring Windows 8
Exam 70-688: Maintaining and Managing Windows 8

Composite exams are individually timed. You will take a test bank with questions from the 70-687 content and then submit your 687 answers to take a test banks with questions from 70-688 content.
The exam details are the exact same as any other Microsoft test. The exam registration fee for Microsoft exams is $150 USD.
Exam Content
The 689 test is an upgrade exam to current MCSAs and MCITPs in Windows 7. It assumes that you are familiar with the basics of Windows 8 support and are interested in learning more about what’s new.
I have condensed the entire exam blueprint into a “CliffsNotes” version for your studying convenience.
1. Install and Upgrade to Windows 8 (25-30%)
Install Windows 8
Configure and migrate user data

2. Configure Hardware and Apps (25-30%)
Configure and install Windows Store applications
Configure Hyper-V

3. Configure remote access and mobility (20-25%)
Configure mobility options
Configure security for mobile devices

4. Configure Backup and Recovery Options (25-30%)
Configure system recovery options

5. Design an Installation and Application Strategy (25-30%)
Create an operating system strategy
Develop an application strategy for desktop apps
Create a strategy for cloud applications

6. Maintain Resource Access (25-30%)
Manage data storage

7. Maintain Windows Clients & Devices (25-30%)
Manage mobile devices
Design a recovery plan

8. Manage Windows 8 Using Cloud Services & Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (20-25%)
Windows Intune allows you to manage clients
Manage public cloud services
Use MDOP to monitor and maintain clients

The above content outline is, in my humble opinion a mess! First, take a look at the weighting percentages. Do they add up?
Domains 1-4 in the previous outline correspond to Exam 70-687, while domains 5-8 map to Exam70-688. Mystery solved.
Because we are combining content from two different tests, there will be some overlap in the outline. I find the arrangement of topics to be haphazard, to put it mildly. I wish Microsoft Learning had more thought when creating exam outlines.
You can see that the 689 content is heavily focused on Windows 8 system configuration and troubleshooting. There is also a slight detour into planning, design, and development.
Exam Preparation Tips
SPOTO has everything you need to pass the 70-689 exam. You can either take my 70-689 training course or the 687 training course being developed by James Conrad, my friend and fellow trainer. [Editor’s Note: The 70-688 course is coming soon!]
You can also access Transcender(r), practice exams as a SPOTO subscriber. As an MCP, I believe test-taking skills are a key factor in exam success.
Finally, if you are in dire need of a textbook, I recommend t