Good news everyone! The TeamGantt mobile application is available for download now. Both Android and iOS versions are available.
You can now update tasks and coordinate your team anywhere you are.

Why use a mobile project management app?
There are two main reasons.
A mobile app was first and foremost a requested feature by our customers. We love making our customers happy.
Second, the mobile experience was not satisfactory. A dedicated mobile app allows us the opportunity to fix the problems and improve the mobile experience.
Here’s a quick preview of TeamGantt iOS & Android apps
Overview of the project
TeamGantt’s Android and iOS apps use mobile-optimized list view views instead of traditional project timelines or gantt charts. This allows you to see the entire project without having to swipe.
My tasks
This is your home base. This is where you can view all of your tasks across all active projects that are assigned to you.

You can view and respond in active discussions on the Discussions screen. You can toggle between active discussions on all projects or only the tasks you are working on.
Task details
You’ll find all the information that you need, including checklist items, within each task.
Learn more about TeamGantt mobile
TeamGantt’s mobile application offers more features to help manage your projects while on the move. These tutorials will give you a detailed explanation of how the mobile application works.
TeamGantt App for iOS
TeamGantt App for Android
Give TeamGantt an opportunity in the mobile app
TeamGantt’s mobile application is a trusted companion to your existing TeamGantt accounts. You don’t need a TeamGantt Account. It’s easy and free to sign up. TeamGantt is free and open to all!
TeamGantt’s mobile application allows you to do almost everything that the TeamGantt website app allows. We’re constantly improving the app and adding new features.
We are excited about the direction we are heading and hope you will be too.
Get the iOS or Android app now!
The easiest way to create a project plan
In just 10 minutes, you can create a beautiful project plan. You can switch between gantt and calendar views with a single click.
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