Each year, TeamGantt gathers for a few days to get together and share real life experiences. We are a remote team that is spread across the country so we don’t often get to meet up in the same place.
We had a great time talking about TeamGantt’s history and how it all began while we were all together this winter. Although we had a good understanding of the bigger picture, it was great to hear it from Nathan and John, our co-founders. This got me thinking…
It’s fascinating to learn about the origins of my favorite companies and what drove them to do things the way that they did. This is not something I think I am alone in. If we were so interested in TeamGantt’s story, maybe others would be too. When we returned, Nathan and John were reunited and they told the story again. This time, the story was recorded on camera.
That’s the TeamGantt story. What do you think? Do you have any other questions about TeamGantt’s beginnings? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.
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