Technological advancements have increased the likelihood and severity cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and severe. There is a need for cybersecurity skills to be improved.
You must master top cybersecurity skills by 2023
Risk assessment: Even though organizations may be compliant with all cyber legislation and adhere to every NIST standard they can still be hacked. There is no guarantee of security for digitally connected businesses. The risk environment assessment can help to identify weak points and mitigate these risks.

Pen testing: This is part of the risk assessment process. An organization may hire a pen tester to test their security system. Pen testing is a way to scan for vulnerabilities in a network or conduct phishing attacks on staff. Pen testers must be familiar with different technologies and capable of exploiting various attack vectors.

Cloud security: The cloud is based on web-based access controls, regulations, such as SAML, OAuth, or WS-Federation. Expertise in cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure is required. You also need to be familiar with web application firewalls, IAM systems, policy administration, and other related topics. Simply subscribe to a test environment and you can practice cloud security.

Blockchain security: With blockchain’s growing popularity, there is a greater need for its safety. Blockchain security is a delicate balance of security and openness. Blockchain security is able to protect the CIA Triad: authenticity, secrecy, and accessibility. Blockchain also has its own set restrictions. One of the most important aspects of blockchain security is protecting API-based transactions, enforcing access restrictions and user identification, and managing privileged acces.

Digital forensics: Experts in digital forensics investigate a malware attack or data breach. Digital forensics analyzes data to determine the source of a cyberattack and how to prevent it from happening again. You will need to be proficient in computers and have programming and networking knowledge.

Cybersecurity trainers: Organizations invest heavily in cyber hygiene education programs. Security professionals teach their clients how to spot suspicious behavior and what they can do as the first line defense.

Artificial intelligence: AI can help a cybersecurity team due to its intelligence, scaleability, and automaticity. AI-powered systems collect data from millions of nodes across networks and analyze them in real time. Machine learning analytics can be used to detect and eliminate suspect behavior even before the team is alerted. You can use digital twin environments to develop mitigation strategies for similar future attacks. You can also assist security teams in creating decision-making trees to deal with a growing threat.

NetCom Learning teaches cybersecurity skills
Cybersecurity is a constantly changing field. However, the sky is the limit if your are willing to learn more. Cloud security certifications will allow you to pursue better job opportunities and higher incomes.
EC-Council, a global leader for cybersecurity certification, advances your IT security career by validating your information security and cybersecurity skills. NetCom Learning offers the Computer Hacking Forensic Inspector v10 course. It is the only ANSI-recognized curriculum that focuses on lab-based digital forensics training. You can also choose the Certified Network Defender V2 course. This course will teach you how to prevent future cybercrimes by learning to investigate, document, report, and even publish cybercrimes.
To learn more about cloud security, take the NetCom Certified Cloud Security Engineer course. This course combines both theoretical and practical skills. To bridge the gap between the technical skills required by CISOs and their executive management skills, you can also take the Certified Chief Information Security officer course.
NetCom Learning’s Security Skilling Program offers security training solutions for top-notch vendors such as Microsoft, EC-Council and CompTIA. This program will provide cybersecurity skills training by certified subject matter specialists.
NetCom Learning offers flexible delivery options to make learning more flexible: instructor-led, instructor led, private group, and virtual instructor-led.
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