It is an incredible feeling to be a part of the Microsoft certified class. This badge is a big deal.
Artificial intelligence is hot right now. It is clear that AI is taking over IT. The Azure AI Fundamentals certification is ideal for organizations that want to train their employees in cloud skills and learn the basics of machine learning and AI.
AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals Beta (beta) – A new release from Microsoft
This exam was recently announced by Microsoft and demonstrates Microsoft’s credibility in certifying you in Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals.
In a Nutshell: Azure AI Fundamentals Certification
AI-900(beta), a fundamental level certification, is classified under the solution area of Data & AI of the Azure training map. It is intended for cloud architects to improve their proficiency in AI/ML applications.
Is AI-900(beta), Really for Your Team?
This exam is for both technical and non-technical employees. It is not necessary to have experience with data science or software engineering, but it is recommended that you have some programming skills. This prepares them to take on other Azure role-based certifications, such as Azure AI Engineer Associate and Azure Data Scientist Associate. However, it is not a requirement.
Who are the intended users of this certification?
* IT teams with Microsoft Azure skills* Azure Engineers, Data Engineers* IT groups involved in the architecture and implementation of cloud solutions* People who are interested in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence
Skills measured – The value-adds to AI-900 (beta).
* Deep understanding of AI workloads and considerations* In-depth knowledge of the basic principles of machinelearning on Microsoft Azure* Deep learning about the NLP (Natural Language Processing), workloads features of Microsoft Azure* Complete knowledge about the conversational AI workloads features of Microsoft Azure

Okay! What are the business benefits to Azure AI Solutions?
* Provides a cloud platform to your business for AI solutions implementation* Equips you with no-code machine-learning models for data processing* Your team can design AI solutions as Intelligent Edge solutions, giving your business an efficient and cost-effective boost* They can also detect and develop data governance and other needs
Exam Details
Name: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (beta).Code: AI-900Technology : Microsoft AzurePrerequisites: N/ATo learn more about AI-900 (beta), please click here
Are you ready to assess the skills of your employees
You can take advantage of the special beta exam discount if you plan to train your workforce in Azure AI Fundamentals.
Keep the date in your calendar for 7 August 2020. The market price of AI-900 (beta), exam can be discounted by 80% for the first 300 candidates who take it before this date.
Candidates must register for the exam and pay the fee. They will need to use the code AI900Saratoga (not secret access code) to get the discount. The seats will be granted in a first-come basis. It is mandatory to take the exam on or before August 7, 2020.
Online attendance is possible for the AI-900
Your teams can take this exam anywhere, whether they are at home or at work. The exam will be viewed by a proctor via webcam and microphone. It’s simple: when they schedule the exam they will need to select the option to take the exam online.
Here are some smart tips to help your employees get prepared
Select a Microsoft authorized training partner to ensure that your employees receive quality training before taking the exam. This training is provided by MCTs, and is also available online for a self-paced and personalized learning experience.
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Beta Exam Terms and conditions
This exam restricts the number of seats to the first 300 applicants who attend it on or before Augustus.