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Your California Solar Incentives
30% Federal Tax Credit on Total System Cost (no upper limit)
Increased Home Value
Property Tax Expemption (100%)
$0 Down Financing Available
Equivalent To Planting 127 Trees Per Year!For many home owners, solar power is an affordable option in the state of California  the government is providing a 30% Federal Tax Credit as well as a 100% property tax reduction to help get you started. California is also a very sunny state  which means your system is going to generate a lot of electricity. This all means more savings for you for years to come!
Welcome to SILVERLINE, an award-winning company with a truly personal approach that has helped people of all walks of life achieve the space of their dreams. From homes to offices to starter studios, we’ve transformed every corner of the city with the skill, charm and wisdom that have made us the go-to Solar company for any of your home improvement and Solar needs!
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About us
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