It’s time for us to face the music. The world has changed. One of our users said, “Uncertainty ahead!” It’s true! We don’t know exactly where we will be by the end. We don’t know when we’ll get back to our offices. We kind of miss each others! We came up with some ways to keep the conversation going. 1. Online Pictionary
Social distancing means that it is impossible to have people in the same place, draw weird socks, and point at a particular piece of it to help others guess the word. Scribbl worked flawlessly with the addition of a video call. We know that not everyone is an artist. We let them know as we try to figure out the striped triangle. Comments like “Oh no, you’re not going to do that again” were heard more times than once. 2. Would you prefer …??
The game is simple. You are given two options and must choose one. A consensus must be reached when you are on a call together with others so that the person sharing the screen can know where to click. This is a great way to start a conversation and create a sense of belonging. Questions such as “Would it be better to be a cat than a dog?” will likely bring up stories about childhood traumas or photos of someone’s Schnauzer. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it will help you get to know one another better. Watching together
There’s nothing like bonding over a great piece of comedy or drama when it comes to tv shows. You may have heard of Netflix Party, an extension that allows you to connect with your friends and colleagues while watching a show. It allows you and your friends to sync up while watching a show. We were not as sophisticated and used the “Ok, ready?” method. While on a call, we used the “Ok, ready?” method. We then laughed and commented as we watched. You have a few options. Maybe you could start with a half-hour-long episode and then decide if it’s worth continuing with another or hit Pause to chat a bit and then go on with your day. 4. Online video games
Our company is a software company so there are a lot of gamer boys. Many of them used video games as teens, and some of them still play them in their spare time. Many of them used to play video games as teenagers. Some of them still do so in their spare time. These are First Player Shooter games, which involve many players. In a way, it’s similar to sports. Call of Duty 2 is a familiar game that offers the adrenaline rush, teamwork, and other skills that are not related to work. It is a game that everyone has played at one time or another. CS:GO was chosen by younger, more passionate players. The goal is the same, no matter what: to play as a team, share an experience, bond over it, have a lot of nerve-wracking fun, and work together. The winner of “Capture the Flag” or “Free for All” will be determined based on how many people are available. The game lasts until all stress is gone and then it’s time to go back to your real life. We hope that our experience will help you keep your team building activities active and your team members close. Remote Work Guide
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