This intermediate training video, 126 videos, by Shaun Wassell, covers the knowledge software developers need in order to create applications using ReactJS with great UIs that respond to data without refreshing the page.
This is the React training.
ReactJS is a user interface framework that Facebook released as an open-source product. It’s a great tool for creating UIs, but it’s also popular as a flexible view library that allows designers and developers to create their own frameworks.
This React Fundamentals training will teach you how to read and create ReactJS. It’s easy to create web applications that can take in new data without requiring a refresh.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This 23-part series covers topics like dynamically creating elements and giving styles to them, understanding React components, how to pass data to them, and how you can extend CSS with ReactJS modules.
This series includes the following skills:
Basic React Concepts & Syntax
React components can be created and reused
React Type-Checking and Event Handling
Introduction to the Component State
Lists and component reuse
Introduction to React Routing
Refactor React Applications
Introduction to React Context
React Form Basics
Reusable forms in React

This training includes:
22 hours of training
126 videos

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