Students and customers may have questions or concerns about classroom learning due to the recent spread COVID-19 Coronavirus. We ask that staff and students take preventive measures to decrease the spread of infectious diseases like the flu and common cold. It is understandable that many would wish to avoid being exposed to coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) since there is no vaccine.

Current COVID-19 Corornavirus Effect on Businesses
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working across the U.S. government to respond to COVID-19. The CDC has provided recommendations to employers and businesses to prepare for the virus. According to Business Insider the majority of those who have died from COVID-19 are elderly or have other health issues. The CDC website regularly updates the outbreak numbers. Many of the early exposures do not result in death. Johns Hopkins University reported that over 50,000 people recovered from COVID-19 last Wednesday.
New Horizons is closely monitoring the situation and following the recommendations of the CDC. New Horizons provides the following answers to students’ and customers’ questions about classroom learning. This post will be updated as soon as possible.
Answers may vary by student
Some cases may have different answers depending on your contractual requirements, funding source, and type of student enrollment. These answers can be broken down into the three main types of students. These guides will help you determine which answer is applicable to your situation.
What kind of student am I?
Business students: If your company pays to send you to training, you are a business student. Business students usually have a New Horizons Account Executive who can support them. Business students may also be able to contact their employer who has sent them for training in order to manage their enrollment with New Horizons.
Consumer students: If your employer does not send you for training, then you are a student. These students may have funding sources that include federal funding, self-funded funding, state funding for dislocated workers (WIOA and VR&E), Veterans Administration funding (Post 9/11 GI Bill(r), MyCAA), and other funding sources. These students worked with an Education Advisor to set up their enrollment in courses.
Cohort students: If you are in a program to earn any of these certificates from Career Development Solutions catalog, with specific program dates and times for you, you are a cohort scholar. To enroll in these programs, you worked with an Education Advisor.
Office Aministrator Certificate (OACPData Analyst Entry Level Certificate (DAEL)Data Analyst Level Two MCSA Certificate (DAEL2)Desktop Application Admin Certificate Program (DAACP)Process Management Certificate ProgramInformation Technology Network Support Specialist 1 CertificateInformation Technology Network Support Track 2 MCSA/MTAInformation Technology Network Support Specialist 4 Certificate Security AdministratorInformation Technology Network Support Specialist 5 Certificate Security ExpertFrequently Asked Questions
If the disease becomes more common in our area, will centers close?
We have no plans to close any of the centers or remove the ILT option. We will continue to monitor the CDC recommendations to protect our communities as this situation changes. New Horizons can quickly respond to emergencies to protect our students, staff, and business with minimal disruption and learning opportunities.
How do we handle internal staff who are positive or need to stay at home?
We encourage staff to take preventive measures to reduce the spread of respiratory diseases. If a staff member is diagnosed with a respiratory illness, they will be informed immediately and a decision made.
What happens if I can’t make it to class? Can I do it online?
Business students: Yes. Notify your New Horizons Account Executive immediately. To request a reschedule, please use this form if you don’t know the information of your Account Executive.
Consumer students: It all depends on what your funding source permits. To confirm, please contact your Education Advisor. If you don’t know the name of your Education Advisor, please contact them using any of the listed contact methods, including LiveChat or Phone, Form Fill, or Form Fill.
Cohort Students: Students must attend the center according to their program contract.
What happens if the class isn’t offered online?
All classes are available online. Online Live(r) is a non-contact class offered by New Horizons. Learn more about the Online Live(r).
What if the class is an On-Site at a Company
There should not be any need to reschedule if there are no documented cases at the site. We will accommodate any request from the client for a virtual delivery. Online Live(r) is the best option for non-contact classes. Learn more about the Online Live(r). Contact your New Horizons Account Executive to make an On-Site Rescheduling Request. To request a method reschedule, you will need to know the information of your Account Executive.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my coursework?
Business students: Your company’s New Horizons Account Executive. Contact us if you don’t know the information of your Account Executive.
Consumer Students: Send your questions via email to [email protected]
Cohort Students: Send your questions via email to [email protected]
If I cannot take the class online, will I be reimbursed?
Business students: We will reserve your reservation for a later date. Students can request to taste an Online