New Horizons Learning Group is a top training partner for VMware and Microsoft, Red Hat, Red Hat, Red Hat, Red Hat, and Cisco. Burstorm, a cloud design platform provider, has entered into a unique partnership to help address the cloud skills gap by providing hands-on training to cloud architects, solution engineers, and IT professionals.

New Horizons will use Burstorm’s intelligent platform in its new one-day, five hour course, “Cloud Planning, Design and Optimization”. The Burstorm platform will be used in a workshop instructing IT professionals on how to model, design, benchmark and optimise cloud infrastructure.

Companies are trying to close the gap in cloud skills. According to IDC research, as many as 7 million cloud-related jobs were not filled last year due to a lack of training and certification in cloud solutions.

Ryan Landry, Vice President of New Horizons Learning Group and GM, stated that “the demand for cloud expertise continues >to grow.” “But, practical experience can be difficult to come by, which is why we are excited to offer students >Burstorm’s innovative design and sourcing app.”

Burstorm’s platform allows engineers to not only design cloud environments but also to access real-time inventory information and pricing information for more than 40,000 cloud products across hundreds of providers worldwide. This allows them to simultaneously consider technology and economics, reducing the time it takes to complete a task that would normally take days or weeks.

Brandon Abbey, Burstorm CEO, stated that the Burstorm platform was created to make it easier for cloud architects to do their jobs. “It makes sense to use it to help them learn how to do their jobs.”

New Horizon’s online training platform will offer the instructor-led course “Cloud Planning, Design and Optimization”, which will begin in mid April. The certificate of completion will be issued to all students who complete the course. They also have the right to use the Burstorm application for three consecutive months.

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About New Horizons Learning Group
New Horizons Learning Group is a >part of the largest provider of technical training in the world, with over 300 locations in >more >70 countries. It offers certified training in >Microsoft and Cisco, Red Hat and IBM, CompTIA and VMware, as well as security solutions for IT professionals. It also offers soft skills training, including project management, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt, ITIL, time management, compliance training, and compliance training. NHLG offers free job placement services to both employees and individuals because it trains both them.

About Burstorm
Burstorm is a cloud technology platform company that enables enterprises, service providers, and systems integrators >to model, design, benchmark, and optimize cloud infrastructure. The Burstorm is a drag-and-drop modeling tool that combines a constantly updated catalog of assets from service providers.
Platform helps organizations quickly and accurately assess and choose the best computing storage, networking, and data center solutions to support their digital transformation to the cloud.
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