After many months of very hard work , finally my new book ” Incident Response in the age of Cloud” for everyone who wants to learn how to identify a security incident and build a series of best practices to stop an attack before it creates serious consequences.Cybercriminals are always in search of new methods and ways to infiltrate systems. An organization should respond quickly to any incident in order to minimize losses, reduce vulnerabilities, and rebuild its services and processes. Cyber-attacks are highly likely to strike organizations that do not know how to implement key IR best practice.
This book contains updated IR processes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The book starts by introducing you the cybersecurity landscape and explaining why IR is important. The book will explain the history of IR, current challenges and key metrics. It also explains how IR teams are formed and what tools and methods are used to achieve a successful IR process. This will include discussions on incident handling, investigation, recovery, reporting, and incident alerting.
As you read the book, you’ll learn about governing IR across multiple platforms as well as sharing cyber threat intelligence. The entire range of procedures involved with IR in the Cloud – the challenges and opportunities as well as how to handle a phishing attack – will be covered.
You’ll also learn how to create a proactive incident readiness culture and learn and implement IR best practice. Finally, you’ll explore case studies using tools such as Binalyze and Keepnet Labs. The book ends with an “Ask Experts” section, where industry experts offer their perspectives on various topics in the IR sphere.
This book will teach you how to build and apply IR strategies confidently and pre-emptively.
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Amazon: Incident-Response-Age-Cloud-cybersecurity-ebook/dpPackt Publishing : product/incident-response-in-the-age-of-cloud/9781800569218If you have any Safari Books Online or Packt subscription , you can read the book for free via your subscriptionWhat you will learn
This Book is For Whom?
This book is for first-time incident responders, cybersecurity enthusiast who want to get into IR and users who deal directly with security issues within an organization. This book will be of interest to CIOs, CISOs and members of IR and CSIRT teams. The book’s discussion on individual and organizational security is not limited to IT and security teams. Anyone with a legal, media, or other business role would benefit.
The book assumes that you have some admin experience. You do not need to have any previous DFIR experience. Although some infosec knowledge is helpful, it is not mandatory.
Incident Response in the Age of CloudAnnouncing my new book’s experts
As you know, I will be publishing a new book called “Incident Response in the Age of Cloud” later in the year. I dedicate the final chapter to world-renowned experts as I do in many of my books.
This book will contain:
Orin Thomas : (Microsoft )
Orin has written over 40 books for Microsoft Press. Orin has also written video-based training for Pluralsight, and instructor-led training for Microsoft Learning about datacenter and cloud topics. He is currently completing postgraduate research at Charles Sturt University on cloud security compliance accreditations.
Tyler Wrightson (Lead Cyber Security).
Tyler Wrightson is an author and speaker, as well as a teacher and instructor. He is also a huge security fanatic. Tyler loves the third person, and doesn’t find it creepy nor narcissistic.
Mark Simos (Microsoft)
Mark is the Lead Architect for Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group, where he focuses on