• Preparation and testing are crucial. You can use historical metrics to forecast and model future traffic and to estimate your resources needs accordingly. GameDay exercises prepare you for failures — deliberately breaking different parts of the infrastructure to simulate various failure scenarios. (Read Resilience Engineering — Learning To Embrace Failure to find out more about GameDay exercises at Amazon).

  • Automate: Automate all your tasks and reduce manual effort. You can take advantage of services that scale automatically according to demand. Route53 will automatically scale your DNS, Auto Scaling will scale your EC2 capacity based on demand, and Elastic Load Balancer will automatically failover and balance traffic across multiple regions or availability zones (AZs).

  • Monitor: Make use of Amazon CloudWatch alarms and metrics. CloudWatch monitoring allows you to keep track of your usage and ensure that your customers have the best experience possible.

  • Think Big: AWS provided the team with the resources necessary to create another holiday season. Your ability to scale large events is dependent on your infrastructure.

Barr advised AWS customers to contact AWS to discuss communication and AWS support plans in preparation for any large-scale, temporary events.