There has been a significant rise in the number of job opportunities and compensation for blue prism developers. With the introduction of complex robotics automation and machine-learning concepts, the demand for developers continues to grow. Leading companies are looking for Blue Prism Professional Developers who can handle all these responsibilities.
The best way to get this job is to pass the Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam. This exam will evaluate your knowledge and skills in Blue Prism skill sets, exception handling, work queues and best practice development. We will review the exam format, topics, and unique study methods in order for you to feel confident and pass the exam to get this job. So, let’s get started!
Blue Prism Professional Developer: How to get there
Blue Prism recognizes the importance of a high-quality certification program to uphold the standards required for commercial RPA adoption. Blue Prism’s highest level of developer certification is the Certified Professional Developer (APD01). This test is for developers who have already been certified and have a wide variety of Blue Prism experience, knowledge, and skills.
If you are interested in the Blueprism Professional Developer Exam, it is the second level. The Blue Prism Developer Exam (ADP01) is the first. Blue Prism Professional Developer (ADP01), exam must be passed before you can take the Blue Prism Developer exam (AD01). This will increase your career opportunities and allow you to explore advanced options.
Step 1: Learn the details of the exam
Blue Prism Professional Developer test will have 50 multiple-choice questions. It takes 60 minutes to complete. The test is also available in English. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the language before taking the test. To pass the Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam, you must score at least 70%. There is also a $150 certification fee.
We are aware of the difficulty of the Blue Prism Professional Developer Exam. This can be overcome by focusing on how innovative and which study resources/training you use. Exam topics are the best place to start studying. Let’s now understand the exam topics.
Step 2: Get familiarized with the Exam Guide
Exam objectives can be broken down into smaller parts so you can go over each one individually. This will allow you to distinguish between the strong and weak parts. The exam guide contains a complete list of topics that could be covered on the exam. This will allow you to determine if your abilities align with the exam’s objectives. The test guide can help you determine whether your skills match the exam’s topics. This includes:
Advanced exception handling and work queues
Configure advanced work queue
Development best practice
Web services
Browser automation
Mainframe automation
Java automation
Interfacing with PDF documents
Login Agent and Credentials Management
Surface Automation
Step 3: Learn skills using the Blue Prism Training
Blue Prism recommends you fully understand the following Blue Prism University courses in preparation for the test:
Blue Prism(r), Advanced Exception Handling
Java Automation Guide
Blue Prism – Modern Browser Automation
Blue Prism(r), Business Object Design: Best practices
Guide to Mainframe Automation
Surface Automation of Terminal Emulators
Blue Prism(r), Advanced Work Queues
Blue Prism spy mode to spy Mainframes
You should also read and comprehend the Blue Prism Portal’s Data Section. You will need all the skills required to pass the Blue Prism Professional Developer certification examination.