These questions are frequently asked of us: “How do I start a career as an IT professional?” or “How do I get my first IT job without any prior experience?”
This may seem difficult for someone who doesn’t have any IT experience.
There are many roles that computer networking plays in the IT industry. It is difficult to get a job without previous experience. There are many people competing for jobs so it is important to have additional knowledge and help you at the entry level. To climb the ladder to the top and land the job you want, it takes patience and dedication. It is not an easy job. Only passion for your work can help you achieve your dream job.
Let’s not forget the fundamentals of each role.
The Help desk and network operations center positions are the first levels. These positions allow for real-time experience. Next comes the Network administrator, who is responsible for maintaining and configuring the network. Next comes the network engineer, who will have both skills and experience in relevant fields. The top tier is thought to be network architecture. This role does not involve the operation of a network or dealing with everyday problems. You would be expected design the architecture for changing businesses and evaluate new products and technologies.
Entry level in networking is a job that can be described as a helpdesk or customer support job. An A+ certification in this area will make it easier to get these jobs and allow you to play these roles comfortably. After gaining some experience in these areas, you can apply for certification in Network+ to help you become a server administrator. After a few years of experience, you can get the CCNA certifications to move into the networking field.
You have other options, such as interning with a company for a couple of months to gain practical experience. The internship may not pay well, but it is the experience that matters. You can get the experience you need in a particular field and also earn the certifications that will help you land a job.
Many companies consider certifications valuable and can help you grow in your career. You can’t get a better career in networking than the one you have now.
ITIL foundation certificate is a requirement for all IT roles.
Other certificates that cover basic concepts of networking include CCNA Routing & Switching and CCENT. CompTIA A+ server certification and MCSA server certificate provide information about server architecture and basic networking techniques.
There are not many other certificates that will help you gain knowledge about the subjects the organizations expect you to be knowledgeable about. They are.
Windows Installation and Configuration
Configuring and installing a server

These certifications will increase your chances of landing a job. You can also choose to study at training institutes that combine the benefits of internship and certification into one program. You can learn the skills you need to do the job, and also gain practical experience through the internship program.

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