Many Networking engineers are confused and wonder why they should learn network automation. They also need to learn how to use Gits, Linux, and Python. We’ve already talked about network automation and the course content you should study.
Network automation is the process of configuring, managing, provisioning, and testing network devices using software. It is used primarily by service providers and enterprises to increase efficiency and reduce errors.
These tools support functions ranging from basic devices discovery and network mapping to more complex such as the provisioning virtual network resources and network management. Network automation is used to automate virtual load balancing, network orchestration, and software-defined networking.
Next, we will discuss how to learn network automation. This is why Python has been the most popular programming language in recent years.
Network automation has many benefits
Let’s now talk about the main benefits of network automation.
It saves time and improves efficiency: Humans no longer have time-consuming tasks to perform on network devices.
Automation can reduce human error. You must ensure that all tasks are correctly set up. Automation is required in areas where human error is less. Incorrect entry or miscalculations can result in incomplete tasks and total waste of time. We all know that manual tasks can be prone to human error.
Operational expenses are reduced: This is the combination of both the above. Companies, organizations, and businesses can operate more efficiently and quickly by reducing the manual tasks that are associated with network devices. Network automation allows users to complete their tasks with less error or in less time.
How to learn network automation
It is important to understand the meaning and benefits of network automation before you can learn how to do it. We have already covered the benefits of network automation and how to learn it.

There are three types that would learn network automation: Candidates who are new to network automation, those who are familiar with the basics and those who have used a small amount of it.
If you are a beginner, you should start with a sequence of learning network automation. Start by learning linux, Ansible and Python, then move on to Git. Cisco has chosen Python to be its main programming language. It is easy to learn automation if you are interested in it. Once you are ready to use them, there will be many opportunities.
Candidates who are familiar with Linux and Ansible can begin with backing up a configuration file or running a simple Command. Once you are done, you can increase your work and add more test devices. Keep in mind that every thing has its pros and cons. If it’s providing you with benefits, it can also be harmful to your network or cause damage. You should exercise caution when using it.
Candidates who have not used a lot of coding are also preferred. If you have written code, you will either be confident in using network automation platform and comfortable using it. Or you would like to practice and learn automation.
As you know, Python is the preferred language of Cisco. Python is extremely adept at scripting tasks which is what network engineers do these days. To reduce manual errors and increase work efficiency