Microsoft 365 offers businesses a complete business solution. It includes Office 365, Windows 10 and mobility and security services. Being a Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert validates and enhances your skills in modern workplaces. It also helps you streamline the way your users interact with technology. This evaluation will help to understand the core role by evaluating your capabilities in the following areas.
Manage, protect, and troubleshoot file, print, or web resources.
Network infrastructure configuration, administration, troubleshooting, and administration are all covered by Seocondly.
Administration, security, and troubleshooting of client and server computers.
Then, Active Directory organizational units and group policies configuration, management security, and troubleshooting.
Remote access configuration, security, troubleshooting.
But how do you get this job? Below we will discuss how to get to Office 365 Enterprise Administrator.
Pathway to Office 365 Enterprise Administrator
There are many hurdles to overcome before you can become a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Administrator. This means that this role requires knowledge and experience. However, certifications are important in order to gain more value. To help you understand this, we will show you how to attain this role using the right study resources. So, let’s begin!
Step 1: Making a plan
Preparing for the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Administrator exam is crucial. You must also be focused on your goal by learning about and evaluating your knowledge, abilities, concepts, and technologies related to those concepts. To prepare for the exam, create a study plan and ensure you have covered all the objectives. To grasp the concepts, use the Microsoft training methods and then take the practice tests to review them.
It is important to understand the prerequisites you must meet before you can assume the role of Office 365 Enterprise administrator.
Step 2: Finishing the first prerequisites
We know that Microsoft 365 Enterprise administrators review, plan, move and implement the services. Microsoft has created certifications to help you get the experience and knowledge that you need to excel in this role. These certifications will allow you to improve your skills and knowledge enough to make a solid career as an Office 365 Enterprise administrator. Let’s concentrate on the prerequisites.
Microsoft has five certifications that can be used to get you started in this role. To move on your path, you must earn one of the five certifications. These certifications are:
*> Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate
Required exams: MD-100 & MD-101
Modern desktop administrators are responsible for deploying, configuring, managing, and monitoring client applications and devices in an enterprise setting. These are the topics:
Windows deployment
Second, managing devices and data
Configuring storage and connectivity
Then, maintaining Windows
Finally, upgrading and deploying operating systems
*> Microsoft 365 Security Associate
MS-500 is required for all exams
Microsoft 365 security administrators are responsible for protecting Microsoft 365 enterprise and hybrid environments. They do this by proactively securing them and implementing security and compliance solutions. Responding to attacks and enforcing data management policies. These are the topics:
Implementing and managing identity access
Secondly, managing threat prevention
Third, information protection implementation and management
Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance
*> Microsoft 365 Messenger Administrator Associate
MS-203 is required for all exams
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