Networking is a hot topic and will continue to be so for many years. According to Harvard Business Review, 70% believe that their workforce lacks the ability to adapt to digital technology in order to start a successful career as an infrastructure or software developer. The new CCNA certification, along with the CCNA study guide, help to cover a wide range of networking topics based on the most recent technology updates, software development skills and job roles. Employers and employees alike can be equipped with CCNA to validate the skills needed to manage and optimize the most advanced networks.
Let’s take a look at how the Cisco CCNA certification will benefit you. First, let’s take a look at the topics covered in this CCNA study book.
What is CCNA?

Curriculum Update

Who can get the CCNA certification

Benefits of CCNA Training

Study resources for CCNA


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What is CCNA?
CCNA stands to be Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. This certification tests a learner’s knowledge and skills in network fundamentals and IP connectivity and services.
Required Exam: 200-301 CCNA Exam
Recommended Training:Implementing and Administering Cisco?Solutions (CCNA)?
All associate level certifications have been replaced by the New CCNAcertification. These certifications will cease to be active as of February 24, 2020 and have been replaced by one consolidated CCNA certificate. ?
Curriculum Update
1. Network Fundamentals – Includes 20% weightage
2. Network Access – Includes 20% weightage
3. IP Connectivity – Includes 25% weightage
4. IP Services – 10% Weightage
5. Security Fundamentals – Includes 15% weightage
6. Automation and Programmability – 10% Weightage
For a complete list of topics in CCNA exam, please refer to this page. NetCom Learning can also help you redeem your CLCswith Cisco.
Let’s now examine who should be certified Cisco CCNA using thisCCNA study guide.

Who can take the CCNA Certification exam?
First, this certification does not require any formal preparation. The 200-301 exam, which is the foundation for any career, is the most important CCNA certification. Below are the possible job roles that can be achieved by those who have passed the CCNA exam.
Entry-level network engineer

Administrator of the network

Infrastructure Engineer

IT Specialist

Network specialist

Network support technician

Help desk technician

Network analyst

Network Manager

System engineer

Administrator of the system

From sales and marketing to management, there are many business roles in IT companies.

Network designer

Individuals who are interested in CCNA certification

Benefits of CCNA Training
There are many reasons why your teams should get CCNA certification. CCNA Study Guide:
CCNA serves as a foundation: CCNA is the most widely used and renounced certification for starting and growing in a network career. Cisco CCNA certifications cover all aspects of networking, security, and programmability. It opens up opportunities for entry-level positions without formal pre-requisites.
Increased trust and recognition: Cisco certifications make your teams living proof of the standards and rigor required by businesses to meet and exceed market requirements.
Widening career opportunities: CCNA certification offers a wide range of skills that can be used to support or build IT infrastructure. You can specialize later, as CCNA certification is a solid foundation for any job or career. ?
We’ve already talked about a few advantages in the CCNA study book. To learn more, see this blog -10 reasons why your team should be CCNA certified
Let’s move on to the resources that provide information about CCNA, its latest updates, and how you can access them.

CCNA Study Resources
There are many resources available for CCNA. Here are some study resources to help you prepare for the CCNA exam.
CCNA Essential Webinar: Learn the most recent CCNA certification principlesfrom Cisco certified experts. Validate the skillsofyour workforce in the fundamentalsof networking, automation IP connectivity, security configuration, troubleshooting and more. You can watch the webinar on-demand here.

CCNA Roadmap blog – To earn a CCNA certificate, here’s a complete guide that covers preparation, registration, scheduling exam, exam process, and passing score. You can also refer to our other deta