1. Introduction to AWS Media Services2. AWS Media Services Use Cases AWS Media Services4. Conclusion5. CloudThat 6. FAQs1. Introduction to AWS Media Services
Online content creation is a big market, from creating one-minute reels on a social media platform to live streaming podcasts via video streaming. Content creators are flourishing in the virtual world. They are constantly searching for innovative, reliable and easy-to-use platforms to publish their content. AWS Media services allow us to build media platform solutions in AWS Cloud that cater to such a large audience. AWS Media services are used to transport, prepare and process live and on-demand content in AWS Cloud.

2. AWS Media Services Use Cases
AWS Media Services has two main uses:
Video on Demand (VOD).
Live Streaming
a. Video on Demand
VOD, also known as video-on-demand (or video-on-demand), is any content distribution platform that allows viewers to choose when, where and how they want to view media.
Examples of VOD use cases:
Educational content
User-generated content
Broadcast content
Advertisements and promotions
b. Live Streaming
It allows you to deliver a small amount of a video file at a time, often from remote storage locations or from a camera feed. Client devices don’t have to download the whole video file before streaming a portion of it over the internet.
Examples of Live streaming:
24×7 TV channels / News channel
Live events / Healthcare classes
Community channels / social gatherings
Live conferences
3. AWS Media Services
We have 8 AWS services under the Media service category that can be used to support different workflows and needs. Let’s take a look at these services.
1. AWS Elemental Media Connect – Reliable, secure and flexible transport for live audio.
AWS Elemental MediaConnect provides high-quality live video transport services. Broadcasters and content owners today rely on satellite networks and fiber connections to send their content to the cloud or to distribute it to others. These methods are costly, slow to set up, and difficult to adapt to changing needs.
MediaConnect can be used to ingest live video from remote locations and share it with cable distributors, or the AWS cloud for processing.
This blog can provide more insight on Personalize Virtual Viewing Experience using AWS Elemental Link.
2. AWS Elemental MediaConvert — Create file-based video assets to be broadcast on-demand and multi-screen delivered
AWS Elemental MediaConvert, a file-based media transcoding service with broadcast-grade capabilities, is available. It allows us to quickly transcode VOD content for broadcast and multi-screen delivery. It is a managed service, so it focuses on the delivery of the contents and not worrying about video processing systems.
3. AWS Elemental MediaLive — Convert inputs to live outputs for broadcast or multi-screen delivery
AWS Elemental MediaLive provides broadcast-grade live video processing services. We can deliver high-quality video streams for broadcasters and multi-screen devices that are connected to the internet. This service encodes live video from ground in real time, compressing larger source files into smaller versions that can be viewed by the viewer. It is a managed service with high availability.
4. AWS Elemental MediaPackage — Package live and on-demand content with broadcast quality
AWS Elemental MediaPackage prepares, protects and secures your video delivery over internet. AWS Elemental MediaPackage can create multiple video streams from a single video input. These streams can be played on internet-connected devices. AWS Elemental MediaPackage is capable of packaging