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Businesses must be agile in order to stay competitive in today’s market. Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has seen a lot of popularity over the past decade, has opened many opportunities for IT professionals through its courses and certifications. What is the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification certification? The cloud is the future in software development. Software developers need to be cloud certified. AWS Certified Developer- Associate (DVA–C01) is a globally recognized certification that software developers can obtain. This certification covers the basics of AWS application development and maintenance and is suitable for developers who wish to dive deeper into AWS services to implement the architecture. The certification offers practical hands-on knowledge of essential AWS services.EligibilityThe AWS Certified Developer – Associate program is applicable for developers with a minimum of one year of hands-on experience in developing and maintaining an AWS-based application. This certification is for professionals who want to perform junior-level development tasks.
Proficiency in at minimum one programming language, such as Java, C++ or Python.
Experience in coding with a basic understanding cloud-native apps
Practical knowledge of AWS core services is essential.
Ability to write serverless code
AWS knowledge to develop, deploy and troubleshoot cloud-based applications
To write custom applications, you will need to be familiar with the AWS APIs, SDKs and CLI
Structure and skills measured. The AWS Certified Developer – Associate program is made up of five domains that will measure the following skills: 1) Deployment (22%)
Ability to deploy serverless applications and other applications using Elastic Beanstalk
Ability to prepare the package for deployment into AWS
Use the existing processes and CI/CD pipelines to write and deploy code in AWS
2) Security (26%)
Ability to implement authorization and authentication
AWS services allow you to add encryption and authenticate calls to AWS services
3) Development with AWS Services (30%)
Convert functional requirements into application design and implement the code in application design
Use APIs, SDKs and CLI to create code that interacts with AWS services
4)Refactoring (10%)
Ability to migrate existing apps to AWS
Convert existing applications for AWS services and features
5) Monitoring and Troubleshooting (12%)
Effective monitoring of code
Analyze the issues in the production and testing environment
Earning the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification is a great way to get certified. Other benefits of certification include:
Your profile will be more valuable and you will land your dream job.
The ability to choose the right AWS service for you requires knowledge and skills
Use AWS security best practices to write code
AWS SDKs for interaction with AWS services
The certification is valid for three-years. After three years, you can renew your certification status. It takes 130 minutes and a passing score is 720 out 1000 (70% to 75%). Unanswered questions are marked incorrect.
Preparing for the exam: The following steps will help prepare you to pass the certification exam. 1) A blueprint for exam preparation: Create a blueprint and identify key areas where you need to improve your skills. 2) Learn AWS concepts: Begin by researching key AWS concepts. NetCom Learning offers instructor-led training led by AWS Authorized Certified Instructors. You will also have access to AWS official courseware, labs, and training materials. NetCom is an AWS APN training partner.