You will find many resources available to help you study for the PMP exam. PMP training materials, PMP exam questions, PMP formula sheet etc. PMP flashcards are an important resource for PMP study.
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Flash cards can be very helpful, especially if you’re trying to remember what you’ve already learned. PMP preparation can be a long process. Your PMP exam preparation can take you anywhere from five to six months if you work full-time. Our seven-step PMP study guide will provide all the details on how to create your PMP study plans.
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You will learn many topics, new concepts, and formulas during your PMP study. You will need to remember what you have already learned when you learn new topics. You have several options to remember what you’ve learned in the past.

In this post, we have discussed what the PMP flashcards are and how to use them. Continue reading to find out more.
PMP Flash Cards
They are usually two-sided cards. You will find a topic, question or formula on one side. From the PMP exam content. You will find the explanation or answer on the other side of your flash card.
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You will find several flash cards for the PMP exam in your basket. You will take each flash card out and attempt to answer or remember the other side.
Let’s now see a sample flashcard.
Sample PMP Flashcard – Front Face

This flash card sample asks a question. “What are the process groups in project management?” This question should be answered next.
Sample Flash Card – Back Face

Once you have answered the question or mastered the concept, you can flip the card over to see the answer. You are familiar with five types of project management processes: initiating, planning and executing, monitoring and controlling, closing and closing.
The number of PMP flash cards varies depending on two factors. These are the provider of the cards as well as the knowledge area. For example, if the cost management knowledge areas content is larger than the stakeholder management knowledge areas, then we expect to see more flash cards for PMP cost management knowledge.
5 Sample Flash Cards
Here are five flash cards that we have prepared. When you hover over the card, it flips and you can see the answer to the question on its front face. Similar flash cards can be expected from the PMP Flash Card Online solution.
What is a project?

Project creates unique results.

There are three types of PMO structures that can be found in organizations:

These three types of organizations are: Supportive, Controlling, and Directive.

A project manager can report to…

Functional Manager,Program Manager orPortfolio Manager

What is a process?

A process is a collection of interrelated actions and activities that are performed to create a product, service, or result.

Who is a Project Manager?

The project manager is the person who is assigned by the performing company to lead the team responsible for achieving project objectives.

Flash Cards Online
Flash cards were traditionally delivered to your home in a box. Online tools and applications have made it possible to access PMP flashcards online.
We have prepared a free PMP Flashcard O