Tauqeer Mohammed passed the PMP exam recently and is now a Master of Project Academy PMP certified student. He chose Master of Project Academy’s PMP course to prepare for the PMP Exam. We asked him to review the process and the online training, and to share his PMP tips with us to inspire other PMP aspirants.
Learn Tauqeer’s tips for passing the PMP exam.
1- 1) How long did it take to study for the PMP exam.
I began studying 3 months before my PMP exam date. I spent 2-3 hours per day studying. During the last two weeks, however, I spent more time studying, mainly for practice exams and revision.
2- ) What was your biggest challenge in studying for the PMP exam.
The biggest challenge was finding the time to study. My project work was extremely intense and I had very little time to study.
After returning from work, I spent 2-3 hours poring over the Master of Project Academy study materials and watching videos. This was a daily routine.
3-) What was the quality of Master of Project Academy PMP training materials.
Master of Project Academy’s PMP training materials are excellent. After listening to the tutorials I was rereading the PowerPoint presentation I had downloaded and answering the questions at the end. The concepts are explained in a very clear manner, making them very easy to comprehend.
4-) How similar were the questions on the PMP certification exam compared to the questions in Master of Project Academy’s PMP certification exam?
The questions in the PMP exam were very similar, but not identical. I also found Master of Project Academy’s materials very helpful in understanding the concept and able to answer the questions correctly.
5- ) How many PMP exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I practiced the questions at the end of each chapter and took the PMP exam. I also practiced with free sample PMP exams from different sites. I believe I answered around 2,000 questions.
6- Describe the support you received during the PMP training.
Master of Project Academy’s student support was excellent. I received a detailed explanation and a response within 24 hours for any question I raised.
7- ) Do any of you have any PMP tips or recommendations for future PMP candidates.
Study the PMBOK and only one course’s study material. Learn the concepts and make your own notes as you study. My last PMP tip: Make a list of the PMP formulas, and practice at least two questions based on each formula.
8- ) Do any PMP tips work for the exam?
Relax and be calm
Before marking any answers, read the question carefully.
You can improve your time management skills so that you have at most 10-15 minutes to review the answers.
To find the right answer, use elimination.

9-) What would you recommend to a friend who is interested in PMP certification?
Make a PMP study plan
Learn PMBOK and the PowerPoint presentations of Master of Project Academy.
Practice exams as often as possible

10- Lastly, would you recommend Master of Project Academy a friend or colleague?
Master of Project Academy is a great school. The quality of the study materials and student support are excellent.
About Tauqeer Mohammed

Tauqeer has nearly 22 years of experience in executing construction projects. He is an expert in Project Management, Contract Management and Proposal, as well as in Business Development of AIS/GIS Substations up 400 kV, Overhead Transmission Lines. Solar Projects and Industrial Electrification. He also managed infrastructure projects to improve his reputation.