Are you looking to climb the career ladder? Do you want to become a PMP certified professional. PMP certification, as you may know, is the gold standard for project managers. The exam is the final step to obtaining the PMP certification. You may feel lost while studying for the PMP exam. But don’t worry! These tips are from PMP Exam takers who have passed the PMP Exam and will help you get back on track.
These tips are most useful if they are recent. We have compiled Amber Jian Zhao’s tips for passing the PMP exam. Amber, a project manager at Lucent, Motorola, Siemens and Ericsson, will help you navigate this PMP journey. Amber passed the PMP exam with the PMP training at Master of Project Academy.
Amber answered our questions about PMP exam tips in this interview. You can read on to learn more about her amazing PMP exam tips!
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1- 1) How long did it take to study for the PMP exam.
I began studying 10 weeks before the PMP exam date. I studied for around 1-2 hours per day the first 4 weeks and around 3 hours the second 4 weeks, making full use of the segment time. I spent between 5-6 hours per day during the last two weeks, mostly reviewing and taking part in sample exams.
2-) What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP exam preparation?
The hardest part of PMBOK is the memorization. This includes the list of “input”, “output”, and “tools & methods”. While most of them are obvious and don’t require “memorization”, some look odd at first glance and may need further investigation.
3- 3) How was the quality and reliability of PMP training materials?
The Master of Project Academy PMP course materials were excellent. It helped me to create a framework for the entire content of PMBOK. There is a lot of information that you need to know. Before I took my exam, I reviewed the training materials several times. Master of Project Academy PMP training was the foundation of my success in passing the PMP exam. I received prompt responses to all my questions, which makes it feel like you are not the only one.
4- 4) How similar were the PMP exam questions when you looked at them?
They are similar but not identical. I was able to sort of figure out the purpose of the questions after answering the sample questions. We all know that the question section is quite long. Therefore, we need to read the question and re-read it. Then, think about what it wants to test.
5- ) How many PMP exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I also took four sample exams, including the 200 PMP sample question and 125 PMP questions. I should have taken all 7 sample tests, but I was too busy with the exam. I felt like I was taking the real exam when I took the PMP Sample Exams at Master of Project Academy.
6- Describe the support you received during the PMP training.
I read through all the comments to see what I did right and what I did wrong. I was able to get prompt responses from Emily or Resit, the administrator. They are so kind and supportive. Both of them deserve my sincere gratitude.
7- ) Do any future PMP candidates have any recommendations?
The PMP training course can be used as a major aid to help you read through PMBOK. With the content broken down and outlined, it will simplify your life.
To find your weak areas, use sample questions.